Events & Speaking Engagements

Events & Speaking Engagements

The MH Paradox Foundation’s first fundraising event to support a pilot study by Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and researcher Christopher M. Palmer, M.D., on the efficacy of the ketogenic diet to treat psychosis, is scheduled for November 13, 2020.   

MH Paradox Foundation Fundraiser

When: 11/13/20 at 6PM

Location: The Thursday Club
1224 Santa Barbara Avenue, San Diego, California 92106

Purpose: The net proceeds of this fundraiser will be given to fund a pilot study conducted by Christopher M. Palmer, M.D. (and affiliates) with McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School of the application of the medical ketogenic diet to treat symptoms of some of the most serious and treatment refractory psychiatrc conditions.  The pilot study will include 40 people with the diagnosis of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder who are stable on medications but still having both positive and negative symptoms. This will be an eight week trial and all foods will be provided to the participants in the study.  People will be randomized to either the ketogenic diet or a control diet (such as the American Heart Association diet).  The study will also include neuroimaging of metabolic brain function before the treatment and again toward the end of the treatment.  Dr. Palmer’s group will also be studying the microbiome both before and during the treatment. They will be assessing a wide variety of inflammatory markers and other blood markers.  Of course, the study will also be assessing clinical symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder to see if the intervention results in improvement of symptoms.  

How Much?  Our fundraising goal is $350,000 which will fully fund this study.  

Sponsorship opportunities are available! Please contact The MH Paradox Foundation via Anne Rauch