Teen Corner

“Teen Corner” is an interactive blog intended as a safe space for teens to share ideas and support each other. Being a teenager is hard enough, but when health challenges show up it can make things so much worse. Simply being a good friend can sometimes be the greatest gift you can offer one who suffers these health challenges. Offering peer support and friendship can be so healing! This is Adam’s blog, intended as an honest reveal of what it is like to live with a severe mental illness which does not respond well to standard treatments. As Adam shows each day, there is hope and recovery is possible but it takes commitment, hard work, and a strong community.
Born with a community spirit, and interest in helping others, Adam co-founded The MH Paradox Foundation to shine light on these important issues. We are committed to making things better in psychiatry — especially adolescent psychiatry. If you do share, please be respectful and supportive here All comments are made in compliance with the Comments Policy, the Privacy Policy, and the Terms and Conditions of this site. Thank you.


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