Advisory Board

Kristin Baier, MD

Dr. Kristin Baier is double board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine. She recently relocated to San Diego to serve patients through a nontraditional healthcare model with an emphasis on metabolic health.  She is a partner in LowCarbMD San Diego, a direct primary care practice providing services with a view to maximizing metabolic health. She specializes in weight loss management and associated co-morbidities through lifestyle and nutrition. Find out more about Dr. Baier in the the video, podcasts and articles below. She can be followed on Twitter and Instagram @doctoringketo

Dr. Baier shared her story. “For many years, I battled debilitating daily migraines along with frequent painful flares from auto-immune disease. My daily medication regimen could rival someone five decades older. I had tried everything from a vegan diet to Paleo without much improvement in symptoms. Then I discovered the ketogenic diet and benefits of nutritional ketosis and within months my migraines regressed and constant joint pains resolved. I eventually tapered off of six medications and reclaimed my health. Now I strive to bring the same nutritional options to my patients when appropriate. “

Brian Lenzkes, MD

Dr. Brian Lenzkes is an internal medicine doctor based in San Diego who has focused much of his attention on clinical nutrition. He has owned his own medical practice with a group of physicians since 2004. Dr. Lenzkes is co-host of the popular LowCarbMD podcast, which has more than 1.4 million downloads, and he is a professional speaker.

Dr. Lenzkes attended UC Irvine and received a Bachelors of Science in Biology before attending University of Southern California Medical School.  After graduating in 1999, he started his Residency Program at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego and extended his residency for a year to serve as Chief Resident before starting his private practice career at Internal Medicine Associates in 2004.  He has been voted one of San Diego’s “Top Doctors” for 11 years.  In 2020, Dr. Lenzkes opened LowCarbMD San Diego, a direct primary care practice with partner Kristin Baier, MD, to provide essential lifestyle care to individuals wanting to improve their metabolic health.

Jay Lombard, M.D.

Behavioral Neurology

Dr. Jay Lombard, is a Behavioral Neurologist seeing patients at Spectrum Neuroscience.  He is also co-founder of Genomind, a precision medicine company for psychiatry and mental health.

Prior to co-founding Genomind, Dr Lombard served as chief of Neurology at Bronx Lebanon Hospital between 2007-2011. He was also the head of the stroke division at the medical center, and has previously held academic medical appointments at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Lombard served as chief of Neurology at Westchester Square Medical Center from 1995-2000, and at the Brain Behavior Center in Rockland County, NY, from 2000-2007, where he specialized in patients with intractable neurological and psychiatric disorders. He has been honored as one of the top Neurologists in NY. More recently, Dr. Lombard has held the position as Chief Medical Officer for the Cure Batten’s Disease Foundation. In this capacity, Dr. Lombard helped lead a team of researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to develop the first human intrathecal gene trial for Batten’s disease approved by the FDA.

Dost Öngür, MD, PhD

McLean Hospital Title:
Harvard Medical School Title:
  •  William P. and Henry B. Test Professor of Psychiatry



A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Öngür has a background in neuroscience and clinical psychiatry. He is currently the chief of the Center of Excellence in Psychotic Disorders, responsible for two inpatient units, a residential facility, and a specialty outpatient clinic. In addition to his clinical work, he receives funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and other sources for his research using brain imaging techniques to study chemical abnormalities in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Dr. Öngür is currently the William P. and Henry B. Test Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the author of more than 180 articles on research into the neurobiology of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. He has won awards from Harvard Medical School for his teaching of medical students and residents and for mentoring, and also serves as the editor of JAMA Psychiatry, a premier journal in the field.


Christopher M. Palmer, M.D.

McLean Hospital Title:
  • Director, Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education
Harvard Medical School Title:
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Christopher M. Palmer, MD, received his medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine and completed his internship and psychiatry residency at McLean Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. He is currently the director of the Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at McLean Hospital and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Denise Potter, RDN, CSP, CDE

Denise has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for 29 years. For the past 12 years she has focused on Ketogenic Medical Nutrition Therapy. She strives to provide client-centered, personalized therapy, counseling, and education. Denise has a passion for helping underserved populations benefit from the ketogenic diet.

Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS

Dr. Westman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, and founded the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic in 2006 after 8 years of clinical research regarding low carbohydrate ketogenic diets. He is Past-President and Master Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association. He is an editor of the textbook: Obesity: Evaluation & Treatment Essentials, and author of the New York Times Bestseller The New Atkins for a New You, Cholesterol Clarity, and Keto Clarity. He is co-founder of the company Adapt Your Life, which is based on low carbohydrate concepts.  In 2009, Dr. Westman published one of the first case reports documenting the ketogenic diet’s effect on schizophrenia symptoms, effectively putting that illness into remission for a patient who had suffered treatment-resistant schizophrenia for decades until initiation of the ketogenic diet.

Beth Zupec-Kania, RDN, CD

Beth Zupec-Kania, RDN, CD

Beth Zupec-Kania is a world-renowned ketogenic expert, clinician, and speaker. She is a registered and certified dietitian and nutritionist.

For over 25 years, she has coached medical professionals, patients and families through safe and effective use of nutritional ketosis for neurological disorders, certain cancers and other metabolic based conditions that require careful formulation and laboratory surveillance.

Alongside her private practice, she is the primary consultant for the Charlie Foundation. Her work is about health and hope.