Inspired by their son’s slow but steady recovery from an acute-onset, protracted manic and psychotic episode which did not improve until introduction of ketogenic diet and related lifestyle changes discussed here, the MH Paradox Foundation was created by Michael and Anne Rauch in San Diego, California to promote community awareness of the connection between mental and metabolic health and to raise funds to support important research in this emerging field of medicine. Now joined by many caring physicians, dieticians, researchers, mental health professionals, and other related professions and community members, Anne and Mike along with these experienced and caring people from diverse backgrounds are taking volunteer positions on the  Executive Board of DirectorsFundraising Committee, and Advisory Board of Directors to advance this important cause. The MH Paradox Foundation is committed to raising much needed funds to support research into these promising metabolic interventions.

The MH Paradox Foundation is committed to raising community awareness and raising funds to support research into these promising metabolic interventions. We hope our efforts will help make this intervention (and others which may develop as the research advances) available to the millions of people who suffer treatment refractory mental illness. We do this for them.

Through this work, all of us at The MH Paradox Foundation hope to make the ketogenic diet treatment more widely understood and readily available to those who need it. We also hope that by helping to educate the public about the connection between metabolic and mental health, we can reduce stigma which only makes the suffering worse for those who need help. The idea that a mental illness is vastly different from a medical illness is no longer our best information. There is increasing evidence that mental or psychiatric symptoms are tied to an underlying physical/biological disturbance, and evidence continues to emerge showing mental health is connected to metabolic health. The MH Paradox Foundation was founded to support research into the mental and metabolic health connection, all with a view to development of safer and more effective treatments.

Interested in helping?  The MH Paradox Foundation’s first fundraising event to support a pilot study by Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and researcher Christopher M. Palmer, M.D., on the efficacy of the ketogenic diet to treat psychosis, is scheduled for November 13, 2020.   Please contact Anne Rauch at  tcj.annerauch@gmail.com for more information.  

For more information about the application of the ketogenic diet in psychiatry, please visit www.chrispalmermd.com.

MH Paradox Foundatation 501(c)(3) Status Pending.